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Belotero Services at Youthfill MD Med Spa in California

Youthfill MD Specializes in Belotero Services in the Los Angeles Areas. We Are Ready to Help You Achieve Your Goals. We Are Open 7 Days a Week. For More Information Call Us Today or Simply Visit Us at a Location Near You.

Are you bothered by the sight of wrinkling in your skin? It’s easy to let this common sign of aging affect how you feel towards your image. At YouthFill MD, we want to help rejuvenate your skin so you can feel comfortable with your aesthetic. We offer BELOTEROⓇ as a treatment option that can refresh your youthful complexion!

At YouthFill MD, your satisfaction is our number one priority! We aim to bring your younger and healthier side to light with utmost comfort. With a variety of different treatment options, our medical personnel want to help you realize your aesthetic and wellness goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment at the location nearest you!


One of the more common types of wrinkles are nasolabial folds, which are lines that stretch from the corners of the mouth to the nose. BELOTEROⓇ is an effective and safe formula to revitalize the skin and help eliminate traces of moderate to severe nasolabial folds and other wrinkles. Unlike other dermal fillers, BELOTEROⓇ can not only smoothen nasolabial folds, but can also erase vertical lines that may surround the lips. BELOTEROⓇ also stands out from some injectables, taking a unique approach to bringing back youthful skin that doesn’t involve stiffening facial muscles. Consult with our medical team and discover if BELOTEROⓇ is right for you!

What makes up the BELOTEROⓇ formula?

BELOTEROⓇ is mainly comprised of hyaluronic acid, which is a molecule that binds water molecules together. This molecule is naturally found in our bodies to preserve moisture, making this a safe and effective solution to revitalize smooth skin!

Is BELOTEROⓇ the right treatment for me?

You may be a suitable candidate for BELOTEROⓇ if you:

  • Are self-conscious or bothered by wrinkles or nasolabial folds in your skin
  • Do not have a history of anaphylaxis
  • Are not allergic to any of the ingredients in BELOTEROⓇ
  • Are over the age of 21

In order to properly determine if BELOTEROⓇ is right for you, consult with our medical team today!

When can I see results?

Following the administration of BELOTEROⓇ into the skin, patients can notice instant results of smoother skin at the treatment site! However, every patient will experience their results differently from one another. BELOTEROⓇ has been observed to provide results of youthful skin for 6 months or longer!

If you have your eyes set on younger-looking skin, look no further than BELOTEROⓇ! Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if this rejuvenating treatment option is right for you!



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